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Is Raw Dog Food Beneficial For Your Pet ?

Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

Many individuals are extremely picky when it comes to what they feed their dog. This can actually be beneficial to their pet. A carefully chosen diet can not only prolong a dog’s life, but it can also enhance their mobility and improve their psychological well-being. However, no matter how well you feed your dog, the issue that is highly debated amongst dog owners is- is a raw dog food diet the best? Even though the majority of people feed their pets either canned or dry dog food, there is a growing number of pet owners who are looking for a more nutritious solution.

Over the past decade, a raw dog food diet has steadily gained popularity. Even though it has become more popular amongst pet owner, a great controversy has arisen over its actual benefits.


One of the main reasons people switch to a raw dog food diet is because they believe it is a more ‘natural’ way for dogs to eat. The theory behind their claims is, since wild canines consume a diet that consists of mostly raw meat and bones, it is beneficial to mimic this diet with domesticated canines. At first, this theory seems to be sound. But when you examine the many breeds of dogs available today, you realize that today’s modern dogs have very little in common with their wild cousins. Because many modern breeds are the result of carefully monitored inter-breeding, they have very specific nutrient needs that a generic raw food diet may not be able to meet. With so many differences between the pets of today and the wild canines of the past, how can we be sure that a raw diet is beneficial?

There are several points that need to be addressed when determining if a raw diet is right for your dog. Each diet type, both raw and traditional, carries a list of pros and cons.


With a raw dog food diet, there is a chance that your pet can contract salmonella poisoning due to improperly handled raw meats. There are also several strains of dangerous bacteria that can be passed along from your pet to you via saliva or stool that may be the result of eating raw meat. However, it can be beneficial to prepare your pet’s foods at home and avoid the possibility of your favorite brand of dog food being recalled. By making your own, you can have complete control over which ingredients are used and where they are purchased.


Raw dog food can be customized to meet your individual dog’s nutritional needs. You can omit ingredients that your pet may be allergic to, and increase those that provide the particular vitamins your pet needs. Although this is a great benefit, it can also be a large problem for those individuals with busy schedules. It can be very time consuming to plan and prepare a nutritionally balanced raw food diet, so many pets may actually suffer from a deficiency because their owners simply do not add essential ingredients in the proper proportions. Careful planning and diligent measuring is pertinent to successfully feeding your dog raw foods.

Commercially prepared food is easier to measure and requires no careful planning. This may be the best option for those individuals with hectic schedules.

Although raw food diets are gaining popularity, there is really no scientific proof that they are more beneficial than commercially prepared foods. Researchers are currently conducting more studies to determine which food is the most nutritionally sound for today’s breeds.