Natural Breast Enlargement Exercises

Before and after you do these natural breast enlargement exercises you need to often massage your breasts. When you massage your breasts you are not only helping to improve the blood flow to your breasts which will help with the natural enlargement of your breasts but also give you better health and no side effects like you would have with artificial means to enlarge your breasts.

Three breast enlargement exercises you can do at home

Push Ups
aBefore you drop to the floor and start doing push-ups like you were taught in high school gym stop and read the right way to do these breast enlargement exercises, The push-ups you are going to do are different from that of what you are use to and from what type of push-ups men do. Make sure that you are doing this exercise using an exercise mat or a carpeted floor. Either will be easier on your hands and knees. For this exercise you need to lay face-down and interlock your ankles. With the help of your hands push your body up from the floor. Before pushing yourself up you need to be sure that your hands are aligned above the line of your breasts. Your lower body will be supported on your knees with your knees a shoulder width apart. Also do not bend so much on your arms. You do no want them to buckle on the opposite side. Exhale and slowly lower your body down until you are mere inches from the mat or floor. Inhale and bring your body back to the previous top position. Do three sets with six to eight push-ups in each set.


bThis fun exercise you will need either an exercise ball or a work bench and two dumbbells. Lie back on your exercise ball or bench and extend your arms over your chest. Make sure that they are slightly bent at your elbows. Make sure that you have a dumbbell in each hand. Exhale and slowly let your hands fall to the back part of your head making sure that you control the fall so you do not hit yourself with the dumbbells. When both hands get parallel to the floor slowly bring your hand back to their original position. You need to do three sets with eight to ten pullovers in each set.

Wall Press
ttThis exercise is easy to do. You need to stand facing a wall making sure that you are approximately two feet away from the wall. Make sure that you are standing with your legs shoulder width apart. Keep your arms on the wall with them slightly bent at your elbows close to your body. Slowly bring your breasts towards the wall while exhaling and bending on your elbows, while inhaling push away from the wall back into your original position. You need to do three sets with eight to ten wall presses in each set.

Make sure that you are doing these breast enlargement exercises thirty minutes each day in order to see results.