How to Permanently Cure Vertigo

Dizziness and Vertigo – It’s No Fun

If you’ve ever stood up too quickly, taken a long boat ride, or enjoyed a roller coaster, chances are you’ve experienced dizziness. Dizziness is characterized as feeling unstable, lightheaded, weak, or feeling that you or your surroundings are spinning.

This sensation usually only lasts a few seconds and then disappears allowing you to continue your day uninterrupted. What would it be like though if the unbalanced feeling would not go away – as least not for quite some time? Sufferers from a type of dizziness known as vertigo experience this sensation on a regular basis. Some suffer more often than others. It may be subjective vertigo or objective vertigo.

The first type is when you feel that you are the moving object.  The latter describes the feeling that objects around you are in motion.  It can create difficulty with walking or even standing as well as other serious problems. To alleviate vertigo, some people use drug therapy.  Others have undergone surgery.  Hearing loss, tinnitus and the inability to stay balanced are just few issues people with vertigo may face.

Disorders of the central nervous system or the inner ear are often the cause of vertigo. BPPV is a typical type of vertigo.  Benighn paroxysmal positional vertigo can occur due to an injury to the head area or an ear infection.  The inner ear canal is filled with fluid which contains tiny structures (crystalline.) The balance system detects the moving particles and perceives movement when there is none.

Vertigo of this nature can normally be eased as the episodes do not usually last very long. Some people suffer from Meniere’s disease which affects hearing abilities.  Reduction in salt intake and medicine are common treatments. Some people have undergone the removal of an acoustic neuroma – a tumor causing the vertigo. Many other causes and associated symptoms also exist with vertigo. A momentary feeling of dizziness can be a little frightening, but some people experience this for extended periods of time with no relief.

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