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Too many people suffer day-in and day-out with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for one very poor reason: They do not want to discuss topics like the colon, constipation, diarrhea, or gas. There is a cultural taboo about discussing such private matters, and so people are reluctant to bring the subject up, sometimes even with their health professionals. They suffer through bouts of IBS, wondering if they will ever be able to enjoy a meal or a social event without worrying about or experiencing digestive problems. Unfortunately, many IBS sufferers have used antibiotics for a long time, in the belief that it would cure whatever was causing the problem, but instead were making the condition worse by killing intestinal bacteria.

Drugs are seldom the answer to IBS for one simple reason – health professionals do not know the specific source of IBS, so drugs could not be developed to target a specific issue. As a result, the drugs currently used are ineffective. A much better solution is treating IBS with a natural holistic approach because everything in the body is related. In fact, there are a number of natural treatments that extend to dietary changes, supplementation, psychological treatments, muscle relaxation techniques, exercise, herbal treatments, and homeopathic dosages.

The complexity of IBS is such that there is no single natural treatment recommended. The ideal treatment program is a blend of alternative foods and dietary exclusions, activities and choices that promote a healthy colon. The ideal treatment program is unique to each person because each person experiences a different set of symptoms. The specific symptoms must be addressed in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

  • Dietary Changes – Food can trigger IBS symptoms, so it is necessary to determine which foods or ingredients are causing the problems. One way to narrow the list of potential offenders is to keep a food journal to detect a pattern of items you consume followed by an occurrence of symptoms. You can then begin to eliminate those foods and replace them with foods high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Lifestyle Changes – Food management is not the only effective IBS management. Perhaps surprisingly to many people is the fact that there appears to be a link between depression and stress and IBS. Stress impacts the entire body so you want to address the entire body, which means potentially including various psychological treatments.

Other lifestyle changes include learning and practicing relaxation techniques for the mind and the body. Exercise will also play an important role in IBS treatment programs. Learning to manage stress and ease the tension in the body will promote healthy digestion.

  • Supplementation and Homeopathy – It is a well known fact that many herbs and homeopathic doses can treat many human diseases. IBS is no different. There are herbs that soothe the stomach and intestines, promote the production of gastric juices, and relax muscles. Homeopathic remedies can also promote a healthy digestive system, but are particularly useful for easing pain and digestive upset when IBS rages.

The specific treatment program depends on your specific symptoms. In the ebook The IBS Miracle™ – How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome by James Walden, a nutritionist, biomedical researcher and health consultant, you can find detailed explanations of the known natural treatments that can ease IBS symptoms. Even more importantly, it is possible to develop a treatment program that will greatly reduce the chances of experiencing IBS flare-ups in the first place. That is the ultimate prize – good health and the freedom it gives you to live life the way you choose, unrestricted by IBS.

The IBS Miracle™ –

How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) stopping

you from enjoying the life you deserve?

ATTENTION! After following the advice in this book, thousands of IBS sufferers have successfully reduced or eliminated their IBS symptoms within 2 months by using natural treatments.

  • Learn to recognize IBS is present by understanding and identifying the symptoms
  • Stop taking unnecessary medications that only mask symptoms and do not cure IBS
  • Read about the many alternative treatments that include dietary changes and herbal additions
  • End the bouts of constipation or diarrhea, gas and bloating through diet, relaxation techniques and exercise
  • Enjoy life again by reducing stress and promoting muscle relaxation
  • Take charge of your health by taking positive steps to manage your own treatments

My name is James Walden, and I am a nutritionist, biomedical researcher and health consultant. My mission to help IBS sufferers began the day I realized that we have become a society that believes it is always necessary to take drugs to address every real or suspected health issue. My consternation grew deeper after learning that many of these drugs are antibiotics.

Overuse of antibiotics can kill intestinal bacteria needed for healthy digestion and can create a whole new set of health problems, like IBS symptoms. Unfortunately, this prompts people to take even more drugs that include laxatives and antidiarrheals. It becomes a never ending cycle.

I know…because I once suffered terribly with IBS and tried a number of medications to relieve the symptoms. None of them worked, but they did manage to make me even sicker.

One day, I asked myself: Since health professionals do not definitively know the root cause of IBS, why are so many people taking medications in an attempt to treat the disorder? What is being treated? The only logical answer is that people are turning to drugs out of desperation. They do not have alternatives. That is where this ebook enters the picture.

I wrote IBS Miracle™ – How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome to give people a greater understanding of IBS and to provide them natural treatment alternatives. In the four chapters, you learn:

  • Current medical research on IBS
  • Typical IBS symptoms
  • Current medical treatments
  • Necessary dietary changes, including foods to eliminate and to add
  • Recommended lifestyle changes that promote relaxation and good health
  • Herbs, plants and homeopathic remedies to treat IBS

IBS Miracle™ – How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome is the end result of hours of research that included journal articles and books written by medical and health professionals, medical and government websites, and personal interviews with experts on the IBS disorder. After so much research, I concluded that most people can overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome, if they only understood what was happening to their bodies and had a clear treatment path.

The information I share with you is meant to be educational. It is up to you to take the specific steps to reduce or eliminate IBS symptoms. However, after reading this book, you will know what to do in order to develop the right lifestyle to overcome IBS. The 60+ page ebook is filled with useful, practical information that is easy for anyone to read.

You do not have to take this journey alone. Anyone who purchases this book will get a:

  • 2 month no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • 3 months of unlimited consultations with me, nutritionist and health consultant James Walden

This booklet was written to ensure people have the information about alternative, natural treatments for IBS. Drugs should always be a last resort treatment and only used when there is something specific to treat. The treatments offered in this booklet are effective because they do not only address IBS – they promote overall, general good health.

I am the proof. I am cured of IBS, after years of suffering with the embarrassing symptoms that destroyed my quality of life. If I can do it, so can you.

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The IBS Miracle™ –

How To Free Your Life From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Reduce or Eliminate IBS Symptoms Naturally within 2 Months!

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