Children Yeast Infection Treatment

baby 076Yeast Infection Home Remedies for Children are natural, holistic approaches to treating one of the most painful and uncomfortable genital infections. Yeast infections usually occur in young girls who may not thoroughly clean their vaginal labia, teenage girls going through puberty and experiencing hormonal changes, and among any woman taking antibiotics for an illness. Symptoms of a yeast infection include sore or itching vagina, thick clumpy discharge, and a burning sensation when urinating. Although women are usually the sufferers of yeast infections, men also suffer yeast infections and display similar symptoms including, thick penile discharge, sore or itchy head, and a red or blistered tip.

Make sure to watch out for these symptoms in your daughter or son so that you can treat them as soon as possible and alleviate the inherent discomfort. The traditional ways to treat a yeast infection include: taking an anti-fungal pill, applying anti-fungal cream inside the vagina, and for men, using an anti-fungal cream on the penis head. If you are wary of using harsh anti-fungal on your child, try some of these natural methods to alleviate and cure a yeast infection.


Although yogurt should be eaten daily due to the healthy bacteria it contains that can combat infections in the long run, in the short run these same bacteria can be helpful in curing a yeast infection. One of the most simple yeast infection home remedies for children is yogurt because you use the yogurt much like an anti-fungal cream and insert it into the vagina as well as apply it around the labia minora and majora.


Another popular method for naturally treating a yeast infection is to create a douche with the vinegar and perform the procedure twice a day for two days. To augment this treatment take lactobacillus tablets which can easily be found at a health store or on the natural aisle at your local supermarket.


Both cranberries and garlic are said to have anti-fungal properties. In order to sneak garlic into the yeast infection home remedies for children, try adding as much as you can to pizzas and snacks, including popcorn and chips. Cranberry juice can be added to grape or apple juice and may actually enhance the taste of the juice. Make sure your kids are brushing their teeth after every meal so the garlic smell doesn’t become too prevalent.


Rosemary tea is said to alleviate itching and burning due to its soothing qualities which helps calm the skin. It can be added into a douche or can be dabbed when warm onto the inflamed areas. Drinking strong thyme tea can also help combat this pesky issue. One especially useful way to help with itching and burning is to use tea tree oil, which has a soothing quality. This can be bought as an essential oil and used inside the actual vagina as well as on the outer labia. Because of the potency of tea tree essential oil, you should mix with a lubricant or cream before applying.

Whether you are personally suffering with a yeast infection or not, yeast infections are a part of a woman’s hormonal life. As they evolve and change with menopause, yeast infections can become prominent and finding Yeast Infection Home Remedies can be beneficial. If the treatment is for your kids or for you, these treatments are safe and are supposed to help tremendously cure and alleviate pain associated with yeast infections.