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The Solar Stirling Plant

solarstirling-plantIf you haven’t heard of a stirling engine previously, it is a heat engine that converts heat energy to mechanical energy by cyclic compression and expansion of a gas. Solar stirling engine is a device which converts solar thermal energy to mechanical energy which is converted to electrical energy.

It is a cost effective and promising gadget for solar electricity compared to the photovoltaic panels. It generates over 12x the power of regular solar panels in less space and for less money

How does it work?

The parabolic dishes focus the suns rays on the Stirling Engine (conversion unit). Alternatively heating and cooling the gasses inside, the fluctuating pressure is used to drive the pistons up and down, causing the crankshaft to turn the generator and create electricity!

Watch the short video below to learn the secret to produce completely free electricity for your home and appliances!